I work about a mile from my house and I should use the Chester Creek Trail but I don’t. I don’t feel it’s safe, at least not in the evening or early in the morning,” Moore said.The FBI is known to be assisting Anchorage police is trying to solve the Valley of the Moon killings.”They clearly have resources that are more extensive than local law enforcement. I would expect they would be involved,” said Mike Moberly, an Anchorage criminal defense attorney.Neither APD nor the FBI will say if the federal agency is looking to any of Anchorage’s other unsolved homicides.Retired Anchorage homicide detective Glen Klinkhart said that during his 17 years on the force he wouldn’t hesitate to call in the FBI if he was investigating a complicated murder or if the homicide unit was maxed out.”It’s not uncommon to bring in people with special skills,” he said.With 15 homicides since June 27, it also wouldn’t surprise Klinkhart if the detective unit could use some help.”I’m sure they have been working night and day,” he said.With so many unsolved murders, social media has been rife with speculation that a serial killer might be on the loose.

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