But Dahal, a native of Nepal, hasn’t been riding his bicycle backwardfor anyone’s entertainment. When he does it, he has his homeland and the world, for that matter on his mind and in his heart.The 31 year old Dahal, whose family owns “Taste of India” restaurant in Staunton Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, has been riding backward since March 2004 to “promote peace and understanding,” he said.Accompanied by two friends who ride facing forward, Dahal has visited almost 70 countries during his decade long journey from India to Afghanistan through Southeast Asia;from Africa to the Middle East, Europe, and North America.He was moved to start his “World Peace Cycling Tour”after seeing the turmoil, death and destruction caused by his country’s civil war, which started in 1996, ended in 2006 and cost over 13,000 lives.”I was working in a hospital [in Nepal] and I saw in my country much drug use and criminal activity,” said Dahal, who went to medical school and was a medical assistant. “And there were the political problems, too.

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