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I cried cheap jerseys, heck I’m still crying. And when I came into work this morning as a civic minded journalist who was so shaken by this I wanted us to do something. It’s a big, cardinal journalism rule not to write about suicides. This was the naive thought that occurred to me when I was staring out of the window, trying to think of ways of avoiding writing stuff that I was actually being paid for. I no longer did a weekly column in The Guardian, so maybe I could spend that time putting the equivalent jokes on a funny website. Or the same old jokes and see if anyone noticed..

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Kay was a South African Airways pilot when he swooped twice over Ellis Park stadium in a big jet at the start of the June 24, 1995, rugby final in which South Africa defeated New Zealand by a score of 15 12. The stenciled underside of the plane read “Good Luck Bokke” in a message of support for South Africa’s national team, the Springboks. De Klerk, the last president of the apartheid era that ended in 1994..

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Engl. J. Med. This week: The Sharks closed the regular season with a close 2 1 loss to Mandarin, just the team third loss of the last two seasons. Jack Bingemann scored against the Mustangs, but it wasn quite enough as Ponte Vedra, 25 0 0 last year, finished the regular season with two losses in its final three games. Now, it back to work.

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Their opponents Chicago Bulls managed to crush the Heat. Their players performed well. Steve Smith managed to make it to the NBA All Rookie team whereas Glen Rice finished 10th overall in the NBA ratings. OK, we may regret divulging this, but the best doughnuts in the South Bay (some would argue the whole Bay Area) are found in Santa Clara. Stan Donut Shop has been turning out these huge, ethereal glazed doughnuts since 1959 the year Red Hickey started coaching the Niners. It an old school shop with old school prices: 85 cents for a regular doughnut, $8 per dozen.

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Emily Kincaid also will see innings on the mound. Lafayette returns all but one infielder and will be strong defensively. That group includes shortstop Lauren Mitchell, who is back from wrist surgery. That’s the thousand mile journey. Saturday’s grand final is, if not the first step, the biggest yet. The top Dog makes no bones about what will happen.”I understand the outcome is uncertain, but I don’t have any feeling of dread,” he says.

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ResultsWe examined 10515 abstracts and included 18 studies that reported on seven behavioural outcomes, including smoking cessation (six studies; n=2663), diet (seven studies; n=1784), and physical activity (six studies; n=1704). Meta analysis revealed no significant effects of communicating DNA based risk estimates on smoking cessation (odds ratio 0.92, 95% confidence interval 0.63 to 1.35, P=0.67), diet (standardised mean difference 0.12, 95% confidence interval 0.00 to 0.24, P=0.05), or physical activity (standardised mean difference 0.03, 95% confidence interval 0.13 to 0.08, P=0.62). There were also no effects on any other behaviours (alcohol use, medication use, sun protection behaviours, and attendance at screening or behavioural support programmes) or on motivation to change behaviour, and no adverse effects, such as depression and anxiety.

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That would mean Home Ec. I created a monstrosity of a traditional house (of course) that has no electricity except to flush the toilets (hey it would get all smelly.) and has a cha shitsu, a room for tea ceremony. And then I also have a terribly cruel Japanese proficiency test my last day at my temporary host family house.

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To celebrate International Women Day today, we decided to look back at ten women adventurers recently featured on National Geographic Adventure. Topping our list is Spanish mountaineer Edurne Pasaban (pictured), who won our People Choice Adventurer of the Year vote this year. In 2010, she completed a nine year quest to climb the world 14 8,000 meter peaks.

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