How World of Warcraft Lost 5.6 Million Subscribers


As the novelty of a new World of Warcraft expansion wears off, subscriber numbers gradually begin to decline. This pattern is natural, especially for a game that’s been around for a decade. In the wake of Warlords of Draenor, however, the dropoff can only be described with a plummeting scream followed by a crunchy splat. 5.6 million people have left the game in a matter of months.

That’s a lot of people. To give you a better idea of what that number means, 5.6 million people is at least 5.5 million more people than I will kiss in my lifetime. If you had 5.6 million boxes it would take forever to move into a new place. A 5.6 million gallon pool would contain the same amount of water as 5.6 million gallon jugs of water.

So why is everyone leaving? The exodus can’t be attributed to any one problem, but a number of missteps that combined to sour the experience.

You might have heard that flying mounts have been disabled in the expansion’s new areas. What you probably didn’t know is that Blizzard also disabled regular mounts so players have to travel on foot, then they went

Try These Premade Characters for Shadowrun Hong Kong


Shadowrun Hong Kong is a fantastic follow-up to Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall (the latter being my favorite game of 2014). Hong Kong refines just about every aspect of this RPG series’ formula in some way. Even the writing has improved, pulling away from broader

plot points to spend more time on the small, weird details that bring games to life.

As always, though, when faced with the character creation screen you might find yourself paralyzed by indecision. With so many stats, skills, and class combinations at your disposal it’s difficult to narrow things down. Why not go with one of these characters I’ve planned out for you?

The Obvious Kickstarter Backer

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower: 1, Charisma: 1

Choose the “Corporate” etiquette. As soon as you make credits, spend them. Stand around in town for extended periods, hoping lots of people see your face and the hair surrounding it.


Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1 , Charisma:1

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