How World of Warcraft Lost 5.6 Million Subscribers

As the novelty of a new World of Warcraft expansion wears off, subscriber numbers gradually begin to decline. This pattern is natural, especially for a game that’s been around for a decade. In the wake of Warlords of Draenor, however, the dropoff can only be described with a plummeting scream followed by a crunchy splat. 5.6 million people have left the game in a matter of months.

That’s a lot of people. To give you a better idea of what that number means, 5.6 million people is at least 5.5 million more people than I will kiss in my lifetime. If you had 5.6 million boxes it would take forever to move into a new place. A 5.6 million gallon pool would contain the same amount of water as 5.6 million gallon jugs of water.

So why is everyone leaving? The exodus can’t be attributed to any one problem, but a number of missteps that combined to sour the experience.

You might have heard that flying mounts have been disabled in the expansion’s new areas. What you probably didn’t know is that Blizzard also disabled regular mounts so players have to travel on foot, then they went one step further and disabled running as well.

There’s a handy Adventure Guide built into the game. It suggests content that players might want to tackle at their current level. In Warlords of Draenor, this feature’s useful suggestions have been replaced with tips like “Do something with your life” and “FUCK OFF”.

Garrisons are a new feature in Draenor, a cross between player housing (with none of the customization you’d want) and a timer-based resource management cell phone game. A great idea on paper, to be sure, but unfortunately the invincible NPCs designed to protect each player’s garrison were mistakenly flagged to attack the owner on sight. This has not been fixed.

Class balance is always a touchy subject. No matter how finely tuned a class may be, a subset of players will feel that they should be more powerful. Warlords of Draenor attempts to make balance more straightforward by trimming the number of abilities. Now each class has one skill. Rogues get Stab. Warriors get Hit. Paladins get Clobber. Priests get Punch. Druids rightfully feel shafted, as they get Transform (which allows them to randomly shift into one of their animalistic forms) and no attacks.

Given these irritating decisions – along with the controversial addition of realistic gore effects to the game’s Pokemon-like pet battle system – it’s easy to see why subscribers are leaving the game en masse. Is it even possible for Blizzard to win them back? I believe so. But only by doing three things.

  1. Give every active subscriber three hundred actual dollars per month
  2. Re-brand the game as early access, promise spaceships to subscribers
  3. Let players run again, or at least bump up the speed of walking

Try These Premade Characters for Shadowrun Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong is a fantastic follow-up to Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall (the latter being my favorite game of 2014). Hong Kong refines just about every aspect of this RPG series’ formula in some way. Even the writing has improved, pulling away from broader

plot points to spend more time on the small, weird details that bring games to life.

As always, though, when faced with the character creation screen you might find yourself paralyzed by indecision. With so many stats, skills, and class combinations at your disposal it’s difficult to narrow things down. Why not go with one of these characters I’ve planned out for you?

The Obvious Kickstarter Backer

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower: 1, Charisma: 1

Choose the “Corporate” etiquette. As soon as you make credits, spend them. Stand around in town for extended periods, hoping lots of people see your face and the hair surrounding it.


Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1 , Charisma:1

Tip your e-fedora to every female you encounter. When forced to converse with another male, either clam up or try to change the topic to cyber-libertarianism or your favorite tv show.

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1, Charisma:1

Choose the Decker archetype to specialize in computers. Take the “Gang” etiquette. Make a beeline for the nearest pile of trash. Stay put, limiting your adventures to the matrix. Spend all your time arguing with and making fun of other Deckers who are exactly like you, employing varying levels of irony and unnecessary bitterness.

White Man

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1, Charisma:1

Wander around the city aimlessly until a police officer asks if you need any assistance or a stranger offers you a job. As you take in the sights of this bleak, oppressive future, do your best to hide your excitement.

White Guy

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1, Charisma:1

A variation of White Man, White Guy is for role players who wish to explore the ramifications of future collars.

Mister MRA

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1, Charisma:1

Take the “Academic” etiquette, and spout nuggets of wisdom you’ve learned from dystopian pickup artist samurai. Never allow a female character on your team.

Cyber White Guy

Male Human

Body: 1, Quickness: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Willpower:1, Charisma:1

Like a White Man or White Guy, but better with computers. This is for advanced players only. A delicate balance must be struck between the number of glowing facial accessories and neckbeard length.

The Mad Max Game Is Nothing Like The Movie Babe Pig In The City

Buyer beware! If you’re thinking about picking up the new Mad Max game to relive the experience of the motion picture Babe: Pig In The City, think twice. I was flabbergasted to discover that the video game and movie have practically nothing in common.


Max is a rugged action man. He just wants his car back. Look, give him the car. Come on. Dude, give him the car.

Max has several facial hair options to choose from. There’s scruffy, longer scruffy, very long and scruffy, scruffy with goggles, scruffy with bandana, scruffy with bandana and goggles, and oil smear on scruffy face.

Max is as good at driving as he is bad at making decisions. He’s also good at holding down X to pick up fuel, holding down the square button to fuel things up, holding down X to open containers, holding down X to kick open doors, holding down X to fill his canteen, and holding down X to eat cans of Dinki-Di dog food.

Babe, on the other hand, is a pig. He’s in the city.

Car Combat

Max is beset on all sides by complete assholes. Spiky cars full of screaming warriors randomly swerve into him. Sometimes he even runs into convoys, roaming dust clouds full of hostile cars protecting a large truck.

These guys are all jerks. They jump onto Max’s roof. They ram him from behind. They get in front of him and accidentally drop cascading sheets of fire in his path. Wait, what if that wasn’t an accident…?

Thankfully, Max has a lot of ways to fight back. You can use slow-mo to shotgun a dude on your car, or target parts of enemy vehicles such as red barrels. There are a lot of people driving around with exposed red barrels. You can shoot a harpoon through a windshield and pull a guy out of his own car, or use that harpoon to pull off armor, tires, or doors. You can use a nitro boost to ram a guy off the road or blow him up. You can use the “thunderpoon”, which is a word I did not make up, to blast guys with electricity. If you play your cards right, you can even jump out of your car, pick up a gas can, light it, then throw it at someone as they try to run you over.

Babe doesn’t have car combat. I’m pretty sure there’s a chase scene involving chimps and an angry chef, though.


The wasteland is large and sandy, as you’d expect. But it’s also surprisingly detailed. There’s a lot of great environmental art. There are also a ton of enemy camps and scavenging locations. Sure, fatigue will set in after the hundredth time seeing the same yellow ladder, rusted sheet of metal, haphazardly placed gas can, and hollowed out bus, but the route you take to the same pile of collectible scrap will always be different.

Babe’s city is not a wasteland. It has no yellow ladders or hollowed out buses. It does, however, contain a pig. (Babe)

Find The Wonderful Destination And Best Hotel In Lombok

Lombok is famous city with wonderful place to visit. Located lombok in east of Bali Island, Indonesia. Beside bali, the second place which have wonderful view of beach is lombok. If you like to surfing , diving or just arround the beach. Lombok is the answer and good choice for you. However if you choose lombok for your vacation and your holiday, you also need Lombok Raya Hotel. This website offer many kind hotel that you can choose afforable one which wonderful hotel. Find the hotel that you like and take it. don’t be afraid about it, it’s real and you will be pleasure about the hotel and all about it. although in other choice is expensive but it’s afforable and wonderful hotel is of course. you can choose the hotel that you need, for example : near the tourism object that you like to visit, or that is special for you. Make sure that you will be pleasure and enjoy your holiday in lombok with the best hotel.

Lombok is really wonderful place to visit. There are many interesting activities such as : something to see. Surely you find the gorgeous view of beach, know more about the culture and much more about lombok. Something to do, you can sun bathing, surfing, diving and many kind of games on the water. Why lombok is popular for surfing or diving ? cause lombok have beautiful view on under water. The coral is really gorgeous so this place is the right choice for you that love sea and beach much. You won’t be regret anymore. Then something to buy, if you would like to brings same handmade, every destination in lombok offer about it, it’s unique and cutes. More about the sea, lombok also have beautiful mountain that you can enjoy it. That is Rinjani Mountain, if you like adventure much. Not only that, Rinjani Mountain has the most wonderful view in the Asia. So there are many people come to this place to know how much the wonderful views of this mountain.

Then, there is Pura batu Bolong. The located in senggigi, Lombok. It’s has beautiful view on sun set. So you can take some picture there. Not about the pura, there is senggigi beach. You can snorkling and swim in this beach. It’s same with kuta beach in bali but the waves is not too high. So its suitable for swim and snorkling. Another destination that really so wonderful and you must be visit it is Narmada Park, the unique of this park is the small replica of Rinajani Mountain. After that, there is sendang gile waterfall. If you choose the Rinjani Mountain for your destination, for first time you will be see this waterfall. So what are you thinking about ? make sure that you come to this place and find the comfortable hotel in lombok.

Right Place to Get Nice Customized Cornhole Bags

Nowadays, people start to love playing cornhole bags with their friends. Actually, this is not a new games. This game has been played for some years and now it is getting more popular. As an outdoor game, this game can bring joyful experiences. Playing this game with friends can be alternative to find quality games. As its name, the games use the bags as one of the main instruments. Each team will throw the bags toward board and there will be score based on the position of the bags. This will not be a difficult game. This will not also make people so tired. Surely, this is interesting game to be played in the garden and surely, happiness can come for both teams.

Actually, there is also a way to make this game more interesting. That is by designing the bags. It is true that the bags play important function in this game. That is why there should be special treatment for the bag. It will not be interesting to play with plain bags. It will be more interesting to play with the colorful bags. Things may be much better if you can name the bag based on the team, so each team can have different bags. The game will more interesting and it can be nice competition. Logo can be embroidered in the bags. You may also write names or other words on the bags.

In this case, Custom Corntoss can help you to get your bags redesigned. You can do many things on the bags and they will help you to make your design come true. In this case, they can also provide you with the bags in good quality. Materials of the bags are good so it will not be torn easily. You can get the good bags with good quality for your game, so you can find better pleasure with your friends.

Asiacup T20 Live Streaming for Free


The blockbuster multinational cricket tournament involving all the major Asian cricketing nations, the Asia Cup is back. It is all set to get underway from the 24th of February & the final is scheduled to take place on the 6th of March. The thirteenth edition of this premium event which will be hosted by Bangladesh will also have a new dimension this time around.

With the world T20 looming large, the Asia Cup 2016 will be contested in the shortest format of the game. This means that for the first time since its initiation back in 1985 the Asia Cup will be played in the T20 form. The hosts Bangladesh will be joined by their familiar neighbors India, Pakistan, the current Asian champions Sri Lanka and UAE.

Afghanistan, UAE, Oman & Hong Kong were took part in a qualifying event to try & earn that elusive remaining spot. The Indian’s have been on top of their game in the shortest form of the game recently. MS Dhoni’s men will look to consolidate this run of form. Pakistan as usual will depend heavily on their pace battery. Led by their charismatic, evergreen captain Shahid Afridi, the Pakistanis can beat any team on their day. Bangladesh will be desperate to win their first ever major event & to truly validate themselves as one of the big boys of the modern day game. The Bangladeshi team boasts of stars like Sakib Al Hasan, Musfiqur Rahim & they can give the other teams some stiff competition.The Sri Lankans will be expecting to defend their title with the help of their seasoned campaigners like Tillakratne Dilshan & Angelo Mathews. Whether or not the unfenced associate nation can cause an upset or two, we will have to wait & watch.

YuppTV has bagged the media rights to stream the Micromax Asia Cup T20. So the fans from across the globe can catch all the cricketing action ball by ball from the comforts of their home. The Asia Cup T20 will be broadcast by YuppTV for free in various countries including the UK, the rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore & Canada. It is also available in US @ $7.99, an affordable amount.

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Available Online Car Games For Children

It is a well known fact that kids totally love car games especially in form of free online games, and maybe it is because of the adrenaline rush that it provides or maybe the general thrill offered by these games. Whatever the reason, they sure seem to be addicted to it. The mere sound of the countdown “Three, two, one, Go!” and the sound of the tires screeching and cars zooming is enough to capture anyone’s attention and interest.

Among the other popular free online games such as dress up games, shooting games, puzzle games or RPG (role playing games), car games have managed to carve a niche of their own and earn people’s love and interest. Almost instantly after the game starts, the player finds himself in a frenzy because of all those shifting of gears, flooring of gas pedals and the crazy maneuvering of the cars through the other competitors. One almost finds oneself vying for the ever-important lead upfront.

These car games are not only popular with kids but with adults too. The most popular car game is probably Need for Speed, which is an addiction for most people. In fact, these games have totally revolutionized the concept of online games. These days kids have taken to these car games like a fish to water! And this is only fair because these games are extremely enjoyable, thrilling and not to mention, addictive as well.

Earlier there were the PC games which one has to download from the internet and pay for it. But now, thanks to the advent of the internet, most of the online games are available for free. No download, no hassles, simply log on to the internet and play and because of the popularity of the internet, the number of free online games is ever-increasing to the point that gamers often find themselves spoilt for choice.

For kids who are interested in car games (of course racing ones), Need for Speed is recommended, it is not only extremely popular but some even refer to it as the king of all car games. Other recommended games are Monster Truck Madness, NASCAR ’09, Dirt 2, Midnight Club, Burnout Paradise, Formula 1 Grand Prix, etc. However these need to be downloaded because they are computer games.

If you cannot be bothered to download it then it would be best to go for free online games such as Burning Rubber 3, Rural Racer, Vengeance Rider, Crazy Mustang Monster, Grand Prix Challenge, Bio Racer, Metal Mayhem and lots more. There endless fun and hours of good times waiting for you in the online car racing world. One simply has to get online and try out various games to see what works for one.

Playing car games as free online games is not only a source of entertainment but also offers a lot of advantages to the kids. For instance, it develops the child’s learning skills in areas like real-time response, image processing, cognitive processing and many more. Also these games improve the hand-eye co-ordination and help them to understand the idea of parallel parking. So why not let your kids play these online car games? You have got nothing to loseFree Articles, and your kids would love them too.

Playing Games Online is Just Fun and Entertainment

Recreation is an important part of our lives. Entertainment is a very common word used for some fun and relaxation for life. Entertainment could be TV shows, Movies or online games. Nowadays we have a lot of gadgets as well, to entertain ourselves. And in all these entertainment sources, Internet is one of the best sources ever available. Online media will not give only entertainment but knowledge as well. Life has become so dull and boring nowadays. People are too busy in their work schedule. No one has time for himself as well. And this is affecting people, not just mentally but physically as well. Everyone needs to have some break from their hectic schedule and busy life.

Online gaming is a technology rather than a genre, a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a particular pattern of game play. Online games are played over some form of computer network, now typically on the Internet. One advantage of online games is the ability to connect to multiplayer games, although single-player online games are quite common as well. An online game is played in some form of a computer network. This almost always uses the Internet or similar technology. Technology that was being used was modems and wired terminals. Online gaming has also expanded after overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the Internet and the growth of the Internet itself reflected. It has now reached from simple text to complex graphics and virtual online games for multiple players to engage in the world with a population-based game play. Many online games have associated online communities, online games a form of social activity beyond the single player games do.

Growing popularity of Java and Flash in Internet is a revolution where websites video, streaming audio can be used to guide, and a new set of user interaction has also helped this. When a pre-installed Microsoft IE Flash started as a packaging component, a wide range of data from the Internet / information is available, developing demand entertainment began. Sites to provide users Revolution opened the way for the game. World of Warcraft as some online multiplayer games, Final Fantasy XI and Lineage II charge a monthly fee to subscribe to their services, while games like Guild Wars a monthly spending plan provides no alternative.
Play games online in many counties within strictly defined description of the adjustment is not necessary, although synonymous with online gaming, as the use of the word.

Generally users need to subscribe or pay for playing online games like World of Warcraft etc. It’s difficult to find free online games which can entertain and give us enough interest as well. OnlineGamesLobby empowers you to Play Online Games without any software download. This website uses flash files to offer the games. A large collection of Online Games is available to you and the registration is optional. Plus, this website updates on daily basis.

Advantages of Online Games

COMPUTER gaming is one form of relaxation. What better way to play computer games than to play various games in a day. There are lots of advantages in playing online games – especially online flash games.

First of all, there is no need to install anything in your computer to play online flash games. That relieves you not just the hassle of paying for the software but also leaves your computer from unnecessary load. But more importantly, flash games are lighter than other role-playing games so there will be no lag in the Internet connection especially if you are using dialup.

Of course, flash games are more educational than the relatively more violent RPGs out there. So one does not just have fun in playing, one also learns while playing. Flash games are available not just on gaming websites but some are also embedded in such social networking sites as Facebook. One game I like to play over and over in Facebook is Farm Town where players try to boost the volume of their produce.

Another flash online game I like to play is embedded in Yahoo!Business Management Articles, the Jewel Quest treasure hunt. This is a great pastime not just for kids but for adults too who may want to relieve themselves from the stress of their day-to-day jobs.

Procedures On How To Find a very good Online games On the web

When searching for an internet site . that gives best games, take note on the following signs. It needs to give you a wide selection of games from puzzles to action games to card games, shooter, strategy, match, word games, casino games-slots and the like, brain teasers, kids games, adult games, etc.

When searching for an internet site . that gives best games, take note on the following signs. It needs to give you a wide selection of games from puzzles to action games to card games, shooter, strategy, match, word games, casino games-slots and the like, brain teasers, kids games, adult games, etc. There should be sub games too. For example brain teasers ought to have several games under it like quizzes, puzzles, optical illusions, crosswords, memory games, trivia, and memory games. Games however should have roulette, black jack,and other games that can be played in the regular live gaming facility. This will ensure you that the website is worthy of time that you invest taking a look at their products, not to mention advertisers.

Otherwise other gaming websites will go away then feeding on their dust behind. Cost productivity ought to be an option. When everything else is obtainable totally free, you cannot find any other method to remain in the game but to keep monitor free downloads too. Websites offering free stuff are lots so there won’t be any problems searching for one that fits this particular category. We bring it upon websites to provide freebies if they want their websites visited whatsoever. They’ll now only have to beat the other person up in terms of performance and friendliness of their sites. Again, it depends upon what games they provide. Will it motivate the marketplace? Would it use a recall to your consumers? Can we would like much more? All in mostPsychology Articles, there’s so much to receive from the free websites. Less expensive be diligent and ingenious and sharpen your web experienced self.

A Tricky Online Deck

Building a Commander deck is a constant challenge for me. I love variety and trying new experiences, which is why I have some self-imposed rules to make things interesting:

  • Pull from a pre-sorted set of cards set aside specifically for Commander. My “Commander Box” might be missing some esoteric options, but with a limited selection I can process from base idea to completed deck much faster.
  • Use only one copy of any card across all decks. This means only one deck gets Sol Ring, or Damnation, or Solemn Simulacrum. Powerful cards fit into almost any deck, but using a wider variety of options leaves room for less-used alternatives and wackier choices.
  • Kill my darlings. The more successful and powerful a deck feels, the more likely I am to take it apart to repurpose some of its pieces. Good decks are still the goal, but once a deck gets “solved,” it’s time for a new puzzle to sort through.

Roilmage’s Trick | Art by Johann Bodin

The real challenge for me isn’t in crafting something new—I cranked out an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck the day before traveling to Gen Con this year—but working up what I want to try out next. There are hundreds of choices for commanders and plenty of themes I haven’t tried yet, so I’ve been apt to wait until the fancy strikes because there’s significant effort in physically pulling together cards on a whim.

Fortunately, friends can provide clever solutions.

After PAX Prime this year, I was able to catch up with Trick Jarrett, Global Communications Manager for Magic and someone I’m privileged to call a friend. He had a brilliant idea: create a Commander deck together, assisted by the community, then quickly iterate on it.

Crafting a new deck with digital help wasn’t just about asking online, but using one of the ways I get to play with Trick during the rest of the year when I’m thousands of miles away: Magic Online. There’s plenty of benefits to building Commander online—whether you’re collaborating or working alone—and it made perfect sense to mix the two.

Iterating a paper Commander deck is even more time-consuming than building. Shuffling, traveling to meet with friends, and then sorting the deck back out to adjust how things look is awesome but a clear time commitment. Magic Online meant not only could we quickly assemble the deck, we could also find players fast to give it a spin. Rapidly going from no deck at all to a relatively tuned option in just a couple hours sounded like science gone mad.

This is the result of that successful experiment.

What types of video games improve brain function

From “brain games” designed to enhance mental fitness, to games used to improve real-world problems, to games created purely to entertain, today’s video games can have a variety of potential impacts on the brain. A new article argues that it is the specific content, dynamics, and mechanics of individual games that determine their effects on the brain and that action video games might have particularly positive benefits.

The article is published in the new issue of Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS) journal published by SAGE.

“The term video games refers to thousands of quite disparate types of experiences, anything from simple computerized card games to richly detailed and realistic fantasy worlds, from a purely solitary activity to an activity including hundreds of others, etc. A useful analogy is to the term food — one would never ask, ‘What is the effect of eating food on the body?’ Instead, it is understood that the effects of a given type of food depend on the composition of the food such as the number of calories; the percentage of protein, fat, and carbohydrates; the vitamin and mineral content; and so on,” the researchers wrote.

Analyzing science on the cognitive effects of video games, Drs. C. Shawn Green and Aaron R. Seitz wrote that action video games- games that feature quickly moving targets that come in and out of view, include large amounts of clutter, and that require the user to make rapid, accurate decisions — have particularly positive cognitive impacts, even when compared to “brain games,” which are created specifically to improve cognitive function.

“Action video games have been linked to improving attention skills, brain processing, and cognitive functions including low-level vision through high-level cognitive abilities. Many other types of games do not produce an equivalent impact on perception and cognition,” the researchers commented. “Brain games typically embody few of the qualities of the commercial video games linked with cognitive improvement.”

Green and Seitz noted that while action games in particular have not been linked to problems with sustaining attention, research has shown that total amount of video game play predicts poorer attention in the classroom. Furthermore, video games are known to impact not only cognitive function, but many other aspects of behavior — including social functions — and this impact can be either positive or negative depending on the content of the games.

“Modern video games have evolved into sophisticated experiences that instantiate many principles known by psychologists, neuroscientists, and educators to be fundamental to altering behavior, producing learning, and promoting brain plasticity. Video games, by their very nature, involve predominately active forms of learning (i.e., making responses and receiving immediate informative feedback), which is typically more effective than passive learning.”

Why Gaming Could Be the Future of Education

In 1993, the year I began my career in video games, the public face of the industry was Mortal Kombat. In this martial-arts fighting game, two players would pummel each other until one opponent was sufficiently stunned—and then deliver a “Fatality” move. One character could grab his opponent’s head and then rip his spinal cord out of his still standing body. Not surprisingly, parents, teachers and politicians were horrified. Congress held hearings about the game and its influence on youth. The episode led to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which today rates games based on their age appropriateness.

My friends and family thought I was crazy for working in the game industry, particularly because I had left a good career in independent filmmaking to do it. They were convinced that video games were frivolous at best, dangerous at worst. Yet when I started my work as a studio executive at Activision, a popular video game publisher, it quickly became clear that games were much more diverse and textured than most people realized. They were not only an emerging entertainment medium—they were a new art form.

JamestheBoyScout January 14, 2015, 5:13 PM
To: websites

Why gaming is the future of education


I believe gaming could and should be the future of education. One reason is that scientists made an experiment where they took a group of doctors and had one group go through the normal course for becoming a doctor with a teacher and another group played a game based on surgery wounds cuts etc. The group who went through the course actually got lower scores than the group that played the games on the final test/exam. Games can improve reflexes for situations where you need to act fast. Gaming education would provide different courses so if kids want to be doctors they would play games to study cuts and wounds or a lawyer would study the law and crimes. Everyone would still spend time studying math, science, English or, civics and other essentials in life.

One of the many reasons why I have such confidence in this type of teaching being the future is that kids may actually WANT to go to school and if they play games therefore, they might want to go to school for longer periods of time. I for one would love to see this future so kids, teens, young adults and, adults will be more experienced in their job.

I think that kids should start on this process after they finish the sixth grade so they are old enough to be realistic in deciding on what they want to be when they grow up. Starting in the seventh grade, the students could begin playing games based on their choices. Each student would receive an individual assessment based on how well they play the game. At the end of the test students can move on and be paired with others that are studying the same topic.